Castrol motorcycle lubricant

The motorcycle engine unlike car engine has a very compact oil system where the engine, clutch and gear zones are combined and use the same oil. The Castrol and SPC lubricants for motorcycle is specially designed for such requirements

Castrol Power 1 (15W-40 4T)

It is designed to deliver thrill by giving superior acceleration at a touch of the throttle

Castrol Activ (20W-50 4T)

Its superior technology delivers continuous protection at all times for motorcycle/scooter engine with an unique formulation, Actibond TM

SPC motorcycle lubricant

SPC motorcycle oil is specially formulated with dedicated additive package to provide superior protection to engines and transmission of motorcycles

SPC Motorcycle Engine Oil
  • SPC 4T Super (20W-40)
  • Excellent detergent –dispersant property to keep engine component clean
  • Excellent antioxidant property to prevent sludge formation and oil thickening
  • Excellent anti-wear to prevent premature engine failure
  • Good antifoam, anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties